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While not all birth locations are included in the free database, our software for paid reports is comprehensive. What is Astrology? Read descriptions of each zodiac sign. Cafe Astrology is not responsible for how this information is used. Copyright CafeAstrology.

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For each individual, the planets were positioned in a unique sequence at the time they were born. Your birth chart tells you the position of each planet — meaning what sign that planet is in — and what sign each of the 12 houses are in. Astrological houses represent different areas of life and are highlighted through transits and aspects. Aspects are the manner in which your placements interact with each other, while transits are how those placements relate to how the planets are positioned at any time related to the zodiac.

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I have ranked seven planets in terms of importance for determining romantic astrological compatibility. As you might imagine, Venus rules love and romance. It can help determine happiness in relationships. Mars is the planet of energy and desire in astrology. It rules sexual desires and survival instincts.

Although Mars is often associated with sexuality, it also helps determine drive in other areas of life. Although relationships tend to be much deeper than the mask a person puts on for the outside world, to get to that point there must initially be a degree of understanding. Your moon sign is the reality you live in. This astrological placement is how you express your unconscious personality.

Moon signs are said to be what people keep hidden from the outside world and because of that, it is the vulnerability that only the people closest to you, such as your partner, experience.

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  • During this transit, you may become more fanatical about beliefs you already hold. Or you may junk them entirely and devoutly believe something totally different. There will be a tendency to engage in debates involving general principles. Be careful not to pull out all the stops when discussing gun control of same sex marriages. The 9th House is also the house of higher education and long journeys. This is a good time to take a course, especially if it is about a Pluto subject, such as psychology, biology, archeology, sociology, anthropology, paleontology.

    Any knowledge or information concerned with the mysterious or death and rebirth will tend to appeal now. Any long trip you take should be to someplace a bit mysterious. Perhaps a place with archeological ruins. But watch out if Pluto makes a stressful aspect to a planet in your chart. That could cause danger on long trips from people who are not so nice. This can produce major changes in career. One client had a business that was ripe for franchising and Pluto hitting his 10th House would have been the perfect time to expand. He wanted things to stay as they were.

    Shortly after Pluto hit, his lease was up and the landlord decided to more than double the rent.

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    With Pluto, you grow or die. And laws. Remember Pluto is extremes. The highest and the lowest. During this transit, there is a possibility of being strongly attracted to a group.

    How to Understand a DAILY ASTROLOGY Transit Chart against YOUR Natal Chart?

    Pluto rules obsessions. Watch out for cults. On the other hand, you may become affiliated with a group that has positive goals and devote a lot of time to them. Even then, however, be careful of overdoing it. Friendships tend to change under this transit. Other friendships intensify. If Pluto makes stress aspects to planets in your birth horoscope while transiting this house, you will have to be careful of betrayal by a friend, or what you view as a betrayal. Your hopes and wishes will be affected as well.

    Some of them will no longer seem attractive and you will let them die. And you may become fanatic about other goals. Pluto transits give the energy and focus to really achieve things. Just be careful not to overdo it. Few goals are worth putting yourself in intensive care. Pluto loves to go through dustbins and dumpsters. During this transit, old psychological problems, that you thought you had dealt with years earlier, come up again and demand to be heard.


    Just face them easier said than done, but you have to do it. This is also the house of hidden enemies. No, you are not standing there minding your own business and these nasty people come at you. Check your own behavior to make sure that you are not doing something to irritate them and set them off. Pluto Transits in Aspect to the Natal Sun: When transiting Pluto makes a stressful aspect to your natal Sun a conjunction, opposition, or square the first thing you notice is that you feel very drained. I remember when this one first hit me.

    To be certain that it was Pluto, I called someone whom I knew had this transit a few years earlier. Pluto is a slow moving planet, so its effects will last about two years. Little things that you would normally ignore will suddenly seem extremely significant and overwhelming. Yes, you can feel drained, sometimes very drained. But the worse this gets, the more people around you will say how wonderful you look. Makes you look great on the outside while feeling terrible inside. So what do you do when this hits you?

    How to Read a Circular Astrology Chart

    Take everything with that proverbial grain of salt. If anything gets to you, ask yourself if it would have irritated you a few years earlier. If the answer is no, then you know that it is just Pluto having some fun. Another thing you can do is to fix things up or throw them out. As for the insomnia, as W. The transiting sextile and trine aspects are totally different.

    They can make you feel energized, stronger, less fearful. Things are going your way, so why push. Take advantage of that new found energy. One more thing. If you are normally passive, Pluto can easily bring people into your life who will try to dominate you. Or you may suddenly have the desire to be very aggressive.

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    See if you can transmute that into assertiveness instead. Pluto is extremes, death and rebirth, power struggles, getting rid of things and people. The harmonious aspects sextile and trine simply bring a desire for change and a deeper awareness of the emotional level in your relationships. The stressful aspects conjunction, square, and opposition are, well, stressful. Fears and angry emotions you repressed since childhood come rushing to the surface.

    This is a good time to enter psychotherapy since you are wide open and can make great progress at this time. Clean up your house. Transform yourself. Shallowness turns you off with this transit, no matter what the aspect. This is a great time to get interested in new ideas, to start studying seriously.

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    Especially the subjects ruled by Pluto. Psychology, sociology, biology, paleontology, archeology. Pluto governs anything that has to do with death and rebirth. Pluto is very good at getting secrets. Words have a greater impact now, in both directions. Your words can have an effect on others like they never have before.